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Females in a meeting
Females in a meeting
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Being a good interviewer is a useful skill to have, which makes it funny that there are way more resources on how to ace an interview than how to give one. When I first started interviewing, my main experience was shadowing a co-worker for one interview. After that, I was left to my own devices. Since then I have performed hundreds of interviews and have also gone through the process of interviewing at dozens of tech companies.

I still cringe looking back at the earliest interviews I gave: how I evaluated candidates on criteria that didn’t matter and wouldn’t help…

Apache Arrow Logo

In this tutorial we go over how to read and write to a ListVector using Java Apache Arrow.

In my free time I have been reading and coding with the Java implementation of Apache Arrow. Based on their docs and posts I found online it is a great tool to use for columnar data and in memory processing of that data. …

In this guide we will build an Arduino pH controller that is used to monitor the pH level of a solution and raise the pH to a target level when the pH gets too low. All the code for this project is available on Github here.

Arduino pH controller

It might be some time since you were in a high school chemistry class and thought of the pH scale, so let’s do a quick overview before we mention it in every other sentence. pH is a scale from 0 to 14 to specify how acidic or basic an aqueous solution is. …


Arduino plant watering system
Arduino plant watering system
Arduino plant watering system

One of the coolest parts of working with an Arduino is being able to connect the physical world to the internet. For my own plants I enjoy being able to go to any web browser and quickly see how they are doing. Even when I am on vacation I can rest assured that my plants will be alive when I get back.

When I am away from my plants for an extended period of time, I want to make sure they stay happy and well-hydrated, which is why I built an automated home watering system with an Arduino. I wanted the system to mimic how I water my own plants: wait until the soil is dry, then water the plant until the soil is moist. Making sure the soil is not waterlogged is crucial in getting enough oxygen to the root system. In this guide we will go step by step to create your own plant watering system with an Arduino.

When to Water Your Plant



I recently launched my first Amazon Alexa skill Chef Basil. I spent hours verbally trying different phrases on my Amazon Echo and even after launch, wasn’t sure the code had been 100% tested. Did I really test what happens when the API times out? Or when an intent passes a slot that I wasn’t expecting?

I decided it was time to write some unit tests.

As a web developer my go to tools are Javascript, Node.js, and Jasmine. I was excited to use my favorite technologies to build and test my skill. …

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